I don’t usually do the question/answer things on Facebook but this one has been making its rounds for years. It is always entertaining. So, without any prompting, I asked my kids these questions. I asked them all separately so none of them were influenced by other’s answers.

For a little background – Lexxie (L) is 6, Maddox (Mx) is 9 and Madison (Ma) is 14.

*What is something I say a lot?

L – You sing
Mx – Uhhhh…I don’t know.
Ma – Ummm…oh my god!

*What makes me happy?

L – Me and Maddox and Madison not being bad.
Mx – (Shrugs – and makes the “dunno” sound)
Ma – Drawing

*What makes me sad?

L – Us being bad.
Mx – I don’t know.
Ma – Your illness

*How tall am I?

L – 23
Mx – I don’t know.
Ma – 5’4
**Correct answer is 5’3.

*What’s my favorite thing to do?

L – Sing
Mx – Sing
Ma – Sing

*What is my favorite food?

L – Popcorn
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – Tuna
**I have no idea why Lexxie would say popcorn. I do like popcorn but since I’m allergic to corn, I don’t have it very often!

*What is my favorite drink?

L – Soda
Mx – Water
Ma – Mountain Dew

*If I could go anywhere, where would I go?

L – To your job
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – England

*Do you think you could live without me?

L – No
Mx – No
Ma – At this age, I can’t. I need money.

*How do I annoy you?

L – By you saying “go to your room” a lot.
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – You’re not good at saying what you really mean. You’re like me, you’re not good at fully getting what’s in your head out into words.

*What is my favorite tv show?

L – Live action stuff
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – Nashville
**Nashville is definitely one of my favorite shows.

*What is my favorite music to listen to?

L – I have a pen and I have an apple.
Mx – Guitar
Ma – Kinda like punk
**Lexxie’s answer really cracked me up. I will randomly start singing PPAP out of the blue. She either loves it and sings along or covers her ears and runs out of the room. True story.

*What is my job?

L – Making websites
Mx – To make apps
Ma – Software Engineer
**They were all correct.

*How old am I?

L – 37
Mx – 30 something
Ma – 37
**I suppose they were all correct. I am 37…so I suppose I’m “30 something.”¬†And I’m old enough that just hearing “30 something” reminds me of the TV show…

*what’s my favorite color?

L – Orange
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – Orange
**My girls know what’s up.

*How much do you love me?

L – A lot
Mx – A lot
Ma – Let me guess, you put “a lot.”