Jeep Days

Heading out to beat the heat by the pool

Hello summer. Hello sunshine. Hello lazy evenings poolside!

Summer is finally here and in full swing – that means longer hours in the sun and more time to lay by the pool. Last year I couldn’t quite find the time in my schedule to slow down and enjoy the warm moments of summer but this year I have made the time.

Lexxie at the pool

Lexxie at the pool

So far it has been the perfect solution. The sun is still shining bright when my work day ends and the heat is definitely not going anywhere. By the time we get to the pool, the usual afternoon crowd has left so there is more room for the kids to throw balls, play Marco Polo, or just splash around on kick boards and pool noodles.

It is nice for me too! I can take in a little Vitamin D while I enjoy a relaxing moment…and when it gets too hot…a quick dip in the water brings me right back to bliss. I am definitely loving it.