Weezer 2016

Here is to another great musical adventure!

To keep up with my awesome concert trend, my latest adventure was Weezer / Panic! at the Disco in Virginia Beach. This marks the second time I’ve seen P!ATD within the last year but surprisingly it was my first time seeing Weezer. I’ve been a fan since my teenage years. They definitely didn’t disappoint.

Between seeing Weezer and the Offspring lately, I have come to realize one very alarming thing. We are ALL getting…OLD. It is so funny thinking about how those guys looked when I first started listening to them. But some things will never change. I will always <3 Dexter. Hahaha

On a serious, or at least less-joking, note…I learned that VIP is the way to go. We went all out for this concert with front row seats (behind the pit…I’m too old for the pit) with VIP access. The VIP entry and lounge make it all worthwhile.

Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco – Kenneth Harris

For more awesome fun, I found my newest man crush. Kenneth Harris, the touring guitarist for P!ATD is nothing short of awesome. I don’t usually geek out over celebs…and I really don’t consider myself “geeking out” now, but he is definitely on my radar now. He has a sweet collection of guitars too, which never hurts.

The next few weeks are filled with camps, friends, amusement parks, road trips and playing in the sun, sand and water. Next stop…Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.