This one started out a little different. Now that I am starting to feel better, my best friend asked me if I’d be up for a beach day on Sunday.

Heck. Yeah.

So then I thought about it. An entire beach weekend would be even better than a beach day. So after work on Friday, we loaded up the vehicle with beach towels, toys and some overnight gear and headed to Kill Devil Hills for the weekend.

On our first night here, we went looking for ghost crabs. I was ridiculously terrified of them when I was a child but my kids seem to enjoy watching them (as long as they don’t run across their feet).

As we were down at the water, the tide started to come in a little . It came in just enough to snatch flip flops! I chased them down into the water and only managed to come back with three of the four that were lost. I found both of Lexxie’s but only one of mine

“Not a big deal!” I told everyone after searching for a while. Lexxie and I got up the next morning and headed to WRV for a new pair. I buy a new pair at the start of every summer anyway. It is still early in the season so they haven’t got all of their inventory yet. That meant I had to settle for a pair of Billibong flip flops instead of my usual Roxy. No worries.

We returned with a bag full of new clothes (so hard to resist) and then headed down to play on the beach. This is where it gets good.

As I’m sitting on my towel watching the kids play in the surf, I glance over and see two of my closest friends from high school. One of them, I hadn’t seen in close to twenty years!! We chatted and caught up and eventually the conversation shifted to my lost flip flop. As luck would have it, they happened to come across a lone flip flop. Amazingly, I was reunited with my lost flip flop!

Usually the ocean will swallow things up and we never see them again. But not this time.

Tomorrow we will hit the beach again, this time with our best friends. We will celebrate our Mother’s Days just as we prefer – in the sand, salt and sun followed by all you can eat crab legs, clams, mussels, all the good stuff.