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I’m so the mom…

By on Feb 25, 2017 in Personal

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I am so the mom that stands on the sidelines cheering my kid on while she…codes. Yep…codes. At some point during my Friday night, I realized that I’m totally the nerd equivalent of a soccer mom. I introduced Maddie to and it was on. She was playing in the arcade in Python and she was totally nailing the tasks.

Yes…I’m so the mom who is bragging about her kid in this post.

Rebel Unicorn

Rebel Unicorn

She is a freshman in high school and in her first semester she took Python and aerospace engineering classes. Next up, robotics. Her high school is awesome. It is like the real-world geek equivalent of Sky High. There are only 60 kids in each grade and they learn college-level engineering and tech.

Of course, there are these moments…like as I’m typing this, she busts in here wearing a unicorn head with a hat. I can’t even…