Intelligent, even moderately intelligent adults can easily explain the not-so-phenomena of newly formed islands. Science. *insert jazz hands here* Regardless of how or why the island appeared – or how long it will stick around – it is still a fun concept.

The ocean, the waves and the shore, and all of the magic of the seas have always captivated me. They draw me in. I refuse to live landlocked.

I like to visit the mountains. I like to frolic in the snow and breathe in the exceptionally fresh air in a New England autumn. But when it is all said and done, I make my way back home to the warm shores of North Carolina.

Now that the tourists are all packing up and returning to their lives, I’m resuming my happy days of burying my toes in the sand and breathing in the salty air as the tides come and go.

Long live those late summer crab boils, autumn hikes across Jockey’s Ridge and the ever unexpected snowfall on the sandy shores.

…and fire pits…definitely fire pits…