Castaway Cay 2017

It seems like ages ago, but it has only been a few years since our Disney cruising adventures began back in 2017. We weren't quite sure if the kids would really be into the cruising thing (silly, I know) so we went 50/50 on parks and cruise. We did Disney World, Universal Studios, and then headed out for a 4-night cruise on Disney Dream.

Naturally, the trip started with a quick flight from Norfolk to Orlando. Quick is a relative term. It was quicker than traveling back to Los Angeles, but it is rarely a non-stop shot from ORF to MCO. We rented a 3-bedroom condo at one of the local resorts. We didn't spend a lot of time exploring that resort though because we packed a lot of parks into those few days.

It was Halloween-time so the parks were decorated with their usual spooktacular appeal. Although, we quickly learned that Disney World doesn't go all out on decorations like Disneyland. Disney World doesn't have the same ability to shut down rides for re-decoration like Disneyland does. (Many people trek to Disney World as one of those "once- in-a-lifetime type of trips and they don't want to disappoint those people by having rides shut down for a few days. Solid point.)

By the time we boarded Disney Dream, we had amassed so many souvenirs that we actually sent a box home via UPS. True story.

It had been years since our last Mickey's Not So Scary party (many years) so it was a brand new treat for the younger kids, who were 7 and 9 at the time.

We visited this Disney parks, Universal Studios (hello Diagon Alley!), and treated the kids to an evening of fun at Medieval Times. We made the absolute most out of our few days in Florida because we just were not sure how they were going to feel about cruising. We think about that today and laugh. Like, truly laugh.

Disney Dream was just that. A dream. We would watch movies on Funnel Vision by the pool. The kids could pilot the Millennium Falcon from the Oceaneer Club. There was an Infinity play room and Pixie Hollow, where my littlest one would escape to do craft projects and artwork while her brother played video games and watched movies.

Meanwhile, my oldest daughter made fast friends with the other teenagers in the teen club, Vibe. We saw her (sleeping) when we would wake up in the morning and then again at dinner. Otherwise, she was off with her friends for the entire cruise.

We didn't have the best weather during our stop in Castaway Cay. That day we discovered the joys of being on a mostly empty ship. While most people were down on the island, we had the entire pool and amenities to ourselves (mostly). It was almost like a vacation during our vacation.

After a few very fun-filled days, we disembarked the ship and stopped by the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Orlando. We had our one last day of fun before finally boarding our early morning flight back to Norfolk the next morning.

And that was the beginning of our family cruising adventures...

Here are 10 random photos from our vacation. They are chosen completely at random, so if you come back, you may see a totally different set of photos.

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