So, its February. It isn’t just February, though. It is February of 2017. Two thousand and seventeen. I am sitting here wondering where in the heck time has gone.

Of course, if you’re my teenage daughter you would be arguing that time doesn’t really exist…it really isn’t a thing…so it hasn’t gone anywhere. And you’d be right of course…or she’d be right…or you both…however you want to look at this thing…but that is neither here nor there. Now we are talking about spatial reality.

Ok. Fine. Nerd talk over.

Seriously though. It is the year 2017. I have to remind myself that 1997 happened twenty years ago. 1997 was a pretty damn good year too.

But that was 20 years ago. I am not 18 anymore and that space-time-reality has definitely snuck up and smacked me right across the face. I’m so very well aware of how I am not 18 anymore (or 17 really…I was 17 in February of 1997).

Anyway, back to where I started…

I was taking a moment, scrolling through the interwebs, and realized that I hadn’t posted since mid-January. At first I thought, “oh, I’m good…it is still mid-ish-January.” But then I realized that I was indeed…incorrect…it is actually February.

So there we have it. My latest update. I am pretty sure I just wrote over 200 words about absolutely nothing at all. :) Happy February!