Welcome to Chapel Hill

Welcome to Chapel Hill

I spend a decent amount of time in the Triangle these days, specifically in Raleigh, but this week was a little different. Rather than visiting my office, I had the pleasure of working in beautiful Chapel Hill. We hosted a conference at the Friday Center and it was quite a success.

This was my first visit to the Friday Center and I was really impressed with the venue. The accommodations were wonderful – clean and spacious – and they even had common areas for user networking. It was refreshing seeing so many people from different industries, backgrounds and locations spanning the globe coming together to learn and share their own knowledge.

The weather was beautiful for the entire event. The sun was shining, but not too hot, for the pre-conference golfing and it was just warm enough to enjoy the Durham Bulls game from our private party area at the Tobacco Road Cafe.

Things began to wind down by Friday afternoon. As sessions were wrapping up, many conference goers were making their way home. Some of them had flights to catch and some of them just wanted to get out before rush hour. After the last session finished up, I also made my way to the door. I was leaving just as traffic was starting to build up. So, what better way to wait out the traffic in Chapel Hill? A visit with my brother…

I was only about 7 miles from his house so I headed out to visit him. He lives on a horse farm that is kind of tucked back in the woods. I had heard all about it and had even seen a few pictures but this was my first time getting out there to visit. He showed me around the property and then we headed to the stables where I got to meet all of the horses. They are such magnificent creatures. It is amazing to watch him interact with them. They love on him and show their affection, much like a puppy would. One even let out a little nicker and snort as we walked away to meet the next. He wanted all of the attention for himself.

It was a great way to end my week. Eventually I got on the road. I left the sunrider on but kept all of the windows off so I could enjoy the night air on the way home. After jamming to my favorite Sirius station (Faction), I pulled in the driveway at exactly 12:04 am.