It is that time of year again…the time that the kids have been dreading. Goodbye summer vacation, hello school year.

It really isn’t so bad. The little ones are mostly bummed about bedtime. During the summer (and weekends) they are allowed to stay up until 10pm and they get to take their tablets to bed. On school nights though, they have to hand over their tablets and get in bed at their bedtime (8pm and 9pm for the two littles).

I am looking forward to a good year. This year they are in 9th grade, 3rd grade, and 1st grade. I’m not sure where the time went…but it definitely flew by while I was not looking.

My oldest is going to an aerospace and advanced technologies academy. This semester she is taking Aerospace Engineering, Honors Math I, Seminar (which is a blend of Language Arts and other things like life skills) and Computer Programming I (Python). She is also a member of two clubs in her school – Debate and Gaming. I wish this school was an option when I was growing up!

My son lucked out and got the same teacher he had last year. When I found out that she had moved up a grade, I hoped he would be in her class again. He did really well last year and I’m expecting more of the same this year. Third grade is kind of a turning point in elementary school. This is the first year of End of Grade testing. It is also the first year of real Spanish instruction. Instead of just being introduced to the language, they are really learning vocabulary and more. I’m not sure how in depth it goes but I love it when he comes home and uses his new words. The other day he came home and said “our snack is on the mesa.” Another time he came home and said “your nombre is mama!” I’m loving it.

They have all gotten back into the swing of the school year. Hopefully it continues to be a good one.