Can we stop finding things to complain about?

Can we stop finding things to complain about?

When is enough, enough? Every time I turn on the news or scroll through updates online, I find more and more¬†complaints that seemed to be rooted in people simply looking for something to complain about. Today’s complaint (which actually made the news)? Social media may be creating or hiding anxiety. Creating or hiding. Really? Ultimately, the complaint was about people only posting photos of good times.

Well, no kidding? Who wants to post pics of not-so-good times? Seriously, think about it…how many times are you scrolling through your news feed thinking “let me see who is miserable today?” Or, maybe “hmm, look at this selfie that makes me look like something my camera threw up! I should definitely post this one instead of the good one…”

Get over it!

Even though¬†your friends aren’t all posting about their bad days, you can still find comfort in knowing that they have them. We all do. That is life.

Ok, I’m done complaining about people complaining. *laugh*