What my kids really think…

What my kids really think…

I don’t usually do the question/answer things on Facebook but this one has been making its rounds for years. It is always entertaining. So, without any prompting, I asked my kids these questions. I asked them all separately so none of them were influenced by other’s answers.

For a little background – Lexxie (L) is 6, Maddox (Mx) is 9 and Madison (Ma) is 14.

*What is something I say a lot?

L – You sing
Mx – Uhhhh…I don’t know.
Ma – Ummm…oh my god!

*What makes me happy?

L – Me and Maddox and Madison not being bad.
Mx – (Shrugs – and makes the “dunno” sound)
Ma – Drawing

*What makes me sad?

L – Us being bad.
Mx – I don’t know.
Ma – Your illness

*How tall am I?

L – 23
Mx – I don’t know.
Ma – 5’4
**Correct answer is 5’3.

*What’s my favorite thing to do?

L – Sing
Mx – Sing
Ma – Sing

*What is my favorite food?

L – Popcorn
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – Tuna
**I have no idea why Lexxie would say popcorn. I do like popcorn but since I’m allergic to corn, I don’t have it very often!

*What is my favorite drink?

L – Soda
Mx – Water
Ma – Mountain Dew

*If I could go anywhere, where would I go?

L – To your job
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – England

*Do you think you could live without me?

L – No
Mx – No
Ma – At this age, I can’t. I need money.

*How do I annoy you?

L – By you saying “go to your room” a lot.
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – You’re not good at saying what you really mean. You’re like me, you’re not good at fully getting what’s in your head out into words.

*What is my favorite tv show?

L – Live action stuff
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – Nashville
**Nashville is definitely one of my favorite shows.

*What is my favorite music to listen to?

L – I have a pen and I have an apple.
Mx – Guitar
Ma – Kinda like punk
**Lexxie’s answer really cracked me up. I will randomly start singing PPAP out of the blue. She either loves it and sings along or covers her ears and runs out of the room. True story.

*What is my job?

L – Making websites
Mx – To make apps
Ma – Software Engineer
**They were all correct.

*How old am I?

L – 37
Mx – 30 something
Ma – 37
**I suppose they were all correct. I am 37…so I suppose I’m “30 something.”¬†And I’m old enough that just hearing “30 something” reminds me of the TV show…

*what’s my favorite color?

L – Orange
Mx – I don’t know
Ma – Orange
**My girls know what’s up.

*How much do you love me?

L – A lot
Mx – A lot
Ma – Let me guess, you put “a lot.”

Twenty Seventeen

Twenty Seventeen

Well, I made it! So many things have happened since my last update. I wouldn’t even know where to start. But the most important thing is that I managed to get through 2016. It was touch and go for a while.

We rang in the New Year family-style. We played some Exploding Kittens, watched Rockin New Years Eve and toasted the new year. All of the kids managed to make it to midnight even though it was hours past their normal bedtimes. It was worth it.