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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. 

I’m a very awkward person…especially when it comes to bios and stuff. Do you really want to know about me? Do I really want to tell you? :)

So, the basics.

This is me. I’m not sure who the person pointing at me is…but that girl on the phone, in the Jeep, that is definitely me.

My name is Melanie. I am a software engineer and I was born in the 70s, making me some sort of relic, I suppose. Although, I still see myself as a teenager…until I remember that I’m actually the mother of a teenager. I’m not sure how that happened. One day she was a sweet little toddler and the all of the sudden we are in the parking lot dodging light poles while I’m teaching her how to drive my Jeep. (When it is all said and done, she may be the only millennial out there who knows how to drive a standard transmission + 4wd.)

I get off topic easily. Did you see what I did there?

So, when I’m not engineering software or developing those fun little apps you play with on your phone, I fill my time with music, digital illustration, photography, creative writing and my super awesome kids.

I like to play silly puzzle games on my phone and iPad. I can’t ever turn my brain off so that’s how I wind down, especially after crazy days.

I like to watch TV. Thank goodness for DVRs. I’m also an ID addict. Lt. Joe Kenda is my hero. Seriously. Ok, no really, my dad is my hero…and next to that, all of the awesome guys he served with in the Special Forces…those are also my heroes. Then, Lt. Joe Kenda.

Hey, look at that – I found something to write about.